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Thursday Lunch & Learn - Weekly 12:30-1:30pm

Torah as a Means to Sacred Experience

Frederick Ravid & Phil Levatan invite you to join us for our weekly Lunch & Learn taking place weekly on Thursdays from 12:30-1:30pm.

This weekly event will focus on the internal way, or Kabbalistic Path of Torah, which is generally concealed or distorted in public teaching. Moving beyond a “this is the way it is” approach to a “this is how it works” level, Frederick will explore a range of Torah mysteries that reveal quite a bit about how the Ancients and Prophets utilized spiritual practices and techniques to embody and expand their awareness of G-d.

With emphasis on knowledge that can be experienced, as contrasted to “faith that can be believed,” Frederick will offer a way to actualize many of the lost potencies embedded in common Jewish prayers, practices and traditional precepts. These open doors for awareness that can help anyone who thirsts for more experience of the Divine Love and many thrilling spiritual dimensions called Olamim in Hebrew.

Reservations PLEASE
Seating is limited. RSVP to Yes, you can bring guests provided you reserve. When we have overflow attendance, first-come-first serve will apply to seating.

Luncheon Fare and Cost

$6 per person buys a fantastic Kosher Meat and Pareve lunch with Vegan Salad Option. Deli fare typically includes Corned Beef, Tuna Salad, Turkey Pastrami, Cole Slaw, Bread, Potato Salad, Pickles, Condiments, Cookies, Soft Drinks, and healthy vegetable or fruit juice.

Location, Parking & Directions
Selig Enterprises Headquarters, 1100 Spring Street, 5h floor conference room. The building is just south of 14th and Spring streets on the right. Bring your Parking ticket with you for validation.

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